September 6 - 7, 2014 Log - Hunting-Shack

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Captain's Log - Stardate:  Saturday September 6 - Sunday September 7, 2014       
Tom, Jeff, and Carol went up on Saturday after Tom got off of work. They brought up some new mattresses that they purchased earlier in the week. They were able to get most of the bunk frames mounted and some of the plywood screwed down. They slept on them that night and said they were very comfortable.

Sunday morning Larry, Matt, and Jake met in Wyoming and all rode up in Jake's car. For breakfast they decided to stop in Cloquet and see what was open. After finding that most places were still closed they ended up at McDonalds. I believe it was our server Ethan's first day working there. Matt and Jake had to repeat their orders a couple times and when Larry ordered his breakfast meal with a coffee, Ethan asked if he wanted a Senior Coffee. Larry became the butt of many jokes throughout the day. Joke's on them, Larry saved 45 cents on his coffee.

Progress was not as rapid as it was over past weekends. A change in plans was made due to another mistake by Menards. They delivered way too much tounge and groove pine boards. The original plan was to use this on the ceilings throughout the cabin and then use 4x8 sheets of psuedo tounge and groove on the walls. This is what was done in the bunk room but we decided to use the tounge and groove boards on both the ceiling and walls for the main part of the cabin. This made the work much slower. We were able to complete the ceiling and 2 walls and put the starter board up on the other two walls. Mark came over and helped Jake, Matt, and Tom get the stove pipe installed and sealed.  Matt installed the ceiling fan, and can lights in the bunk room.  He and Jake also installed the outside lights by the doors. Carol was busy caulking the shack and insullating the cabin window and door gaps along with making yet another run to Menards. Jake caulked the roof on the shack as we were getting water coming in through the roof seam. Hopefully we have it sealed tight.

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