May 3, 2014 Log - Hunting-Shack

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Captain's Log - Stardate:  Saturday  May 3rd, 2014      

We had a little shortage on bodies this weekend due to illnesses. Jeff, Jake, and Larry make it up first weekend. Jeff arrives around 8:00 Saturday and finds the place a mess. Our neighbor was in the process of removing old campers before it snowed and decided that one was not worth moving but had greater value as a flatbed trailer so he ripped apart the camper. He was not able to finish before the snows came so it is still on the property. He had scrap laying in various piles and leaning up against the old shack. We helped clean up the mess a little. Jeff started dismantling the old shack right away. Larry and Jake show up around 10:00 after a trip to L & M to get some supplies. We lay pallets down south of the outhouse and move all the contents from the shack and stack on the pallets and then cover it with the shack’s roof tarp.

We then start cutting down any trees that we felt had a possibility of hitting the shack or building site should they blow over. Chuck Young (neighbor) has a huge skidder who said to just fell the trees, limb them and cut the tops off and he will go in there and drag them to a spot where we can then cut block them up. As we start cutting he comes in and starts to maneuver around in the muck on the low side of the property and nearly gets stuck. He made about 3' deep trenches that fill with soupy mud. He manages to get out.  At one point Larry came out to the camp area and set his chainsaw on the remaing flatbed portion of the camper and Jeff said that he might want to move it.  A bit later Jake came out and set his dad's brand new chainsaw on the ground next to the flatbed camper frame.  Well, JJ cut down another tree and wouldn't you know, it fell onto the camper frame almost in the exact same place that last year's tree fell.  JJ swears that there is some sort of "wood magnet" built into that frame. The funny part is that it fell right in line with Jake's chainsaw but the trailer protected it and would have crushed Larry's chainsaw if JJ hadn't told him to move it.  I am thinking that JJ is somehow aiming for that camper. We cut down about 40-50 trees with only a few remaining. One that we want to have fall and miss the remaining camper frame, and a couple by the outhouse. Chuck said he will bring the skidder and push the one by the camper so that it falls the right way. This is on the higher side of the property. He gets back in there and realizes that it is not very dry at all. He is barely able to circle around and make his way back to the road. We decide to cut the tree anyway and it falls right where we want it to. Now we go to a tree about 3' from the outhouse. The wind is picking up and blowing the wrong way. Jeff cuts a notch out and we start to cut the backside with Jake and Larry pushing. When we are nearly through the tree starts to lean in the opposite direction because of the wind and pinches Jeff's saw. We have no choice but to move out of the way and let it go down. The tree splits and breaks off about 2' above the saw but stays attached. The tree falls and misses the outhouse by about 2 inches. We were able to save the saw and the outhouse. We were all very happy. We have pretty much all the trees down and limbed but there is a lot of work left to do. The power company will need to come in and cut the ones closer to the power line. We are exhausted and hungry. We go to Wilberts and have dinner/breakfast (depends how you look at it) around 7:00 and then head home.

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