July 19 - 20, 2014 Log - Hunting-Shack

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Captain's Log - Stardate:  Saturday July 19 - Sunday July 20, 2014       
Progress was made. There was a gaggle of us. Tom, Jake, Carol, Steve, Sue, Jeff, Matt, Mike, Larry, Ben, and Tom Manual. Fortunately Tom Manual and Steve had good carpentry skills and were able to direct the rest of us on what to do. It was two long, hard, and hot days of work. We started about 8:00 AM on Saturday. Jake was in contact with Menards on Friday and found out that they hadn't delivered the lumber yet. Jake told them that they HAD to have everything delivered by early morning as he had a crew coming up to start on the construction. They said they would have it out there and they did.  The guy delivered the lumber at 1:00 AM however they forgot to send the trusses.  Jake had to get on with them a number of times as we kept finding things that they forgot to deliver. All in all, they made 4 trips from Virginia, MN to our land in Cotton in about a 14 hour period. Jake made a great project manager.

Saturday we were able to frame up the walls of the cabin, put on the trusses, install all the roof sheathing, and erect the one and only interior wall. We were also able to finish putting on the rest of the steel on the other structure and caulk and foam seal all the openings. We finished around 9:00 that evening.

Sunday we put on the steel roof, flashing/trim, roof cap, wrap the walls with Typar, cut a hole in the roof and frame and install the components needed for the wood stove, install 4 windows, 2 exterior doors, lift Jake's deerstand into place and add cement to the post holes and clean up the job site. Everyone was quite tired and sore by the end of the day.

On a more dissapointing note, most of us were put to shame by the work ethic and endurance of 71 year old Tom Manual. We can only hope that we are able to do half of what he did when we are that age. We wouldn't have gotten nearly as far without his experience and Steve's.

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