July 12-13, 2014 Log - Hunting-Shack

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Captain's Log - Stardate:  Saturday July 12 - Sunday July 13, 2014       
Now the real work begins.  We will be constructing two buildings.  A "Cabin" which will be used primarily for eating and sleeping, and the "Shack" which is where we will spend most of our time playing cards, watching movies, and socializing.

Tom, Jake, and Jeff made the trip up to start working on the Shack.  Two long days were spent erecting this shelter.  Mark, a friend of our neighbor Chuck Young, also helped for a few hours on Saturday and most of the day on Sunday.  Only two pieces of steel were left to be attached before it got too late on Sunday night.  We will add those when we go up next weekend to start building the Cabin.

Oh, I usually try to tell the truth but since the word "lie" is in our camp motto and this is the internet... Jake wanted me to inform everyone that he was up there for every work weekend even though you never see him in any of the photos.  He claims to be the one behind the camera taking the pictures.  (Jake, is that how you wanted me to word it?)

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