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The Official Website of the

"John Family and Friends Hunting Shack"

It all began as a humble fence to protect its inhabitants from the elements during a cold hunting season many years ago.  It ended with this website chronicling the events from that inaugural season to present day.  Most of the events are factual but please keep in mind, our motto on the door states... "Never let a lie get in the way of a good story"

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NEW - Jake's Territory

Official Hunting Party Members (Past and Present)


Eugene  "Papa"  John

Larry  "B-boy"  John ( B is for Buck Master)

Steve  "John-Boy"  John

Jeff  "JJ - I'm Going to Town to Get More Shells"  John

Chad  "Shooter"  Erickson

Tom  "Little Joe"  John

Jake  "Easy Bake"  John

Mike  "Newby"  Splittgerber

Ben  "The Talker"  John

Mitch  "Brown It's Down" Splittgerber

Mike  "Big Mike" Splittgerber Sr.

Collin  "What's With These John's?"  Larson

Cory  "Karl - Hey That's My Helmet!"  John

Justin "Shrek" Heurung

Matt "What the Heck Did I Get into?" John

Elizabeth "Can I just Sit in the Shack?" John

Sam "How Do We Get This Kid to Shut Up?" John

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