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2018 Hunting Log





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Jeff:  Shot a doe
Larry: Shot a 7 Point Buck
Mike:  Saw nothing
Tom: Saw nothing
Cory: Saw nothing
Mitch:  Saw nothing
Shot a 9 Point Buck
Jake: Shot a 8 Point Buck
Sam: Saw nothing

First Weekend:  The usual suspects.  Only deer was a doe shot by Jeff.  Jeff was in his stand on Sunday morning and shot at a doe.  It circled behind him and ran towards Peary road.  Jeff looked and did nto see any signs that he had hit it but had sent out a text that it headed to the west.  As Larry was coming down the Wildlife Management trail to head in for breakfast a deer stood up.  He could tell that it had been shot in the back leg.  He quickly finished her off.

Second Weekend:  Actually this started more mid week.  Jake and Tom stayed up the entire week.  Larry came back Wednesday night with most others coming up on Thursday evening.  Details at this point are vague.  I beleive it was Wednesday morning and Jake was in his clearing stand off of Owl Road.  He shot a nice 8 point buck.  More details to come.  Thursday morning Larry decided to try out the gravel pit but found absolutely no sign of deer (mostly wolf tracks and scat).  A little background first...on the way up to camp 1st weekend Ben was riding with Larry and was looking up details on the Argentine Mouser that Larry has used for the past 38 years.  Ends up that the gun is 125 years old.  Many collectors marvel at it's accuracy (more on this later).  Back to the story.  As Larry left the pit to come in for breakfast he for some reason decided to walk out to the intersection and look down the road each direction.  As he looked down Owl road he saw a doe cross the road about a 1/4 to a 1/2 mile away.  He decided to walk that way to check out where it crossed.  As he started walking another deer came out and stood on the road.  Even in the scope it was difficult to tell if it was a buck or doe.  He decided to walk that direction stopping each time the deer seemed to look his direction.  As he got about 300 yards away he thought for sure this deer would surely walk into the woods.  Remembering the stories of how accurate his gun is he decided to take a shot.  He shot 3 times and the deer did nothing more than walk back and forth across the road.  Larry soon realized he needed to get closer so he just walked in a straight line towards the deer until he was about 200 yeards out.  He got down on one knee and took another shot.  Nothing.  He took another shot raising just a bit.  The deer flinched and walked back into the woods the direction he came from.  As Larry got there he saw some blood on the road and on the ice in the ditch.  He ended up having to walk all the way back to Arkola Road and turn the corner just to get across the ditch due to the amount of water.  He walked all the way back to the place where the blood was.  He walked about 15 yards into the woods trying not to mess up the tracks.  At that time Jake and Ben came to help look.  They had to cross the ditch in the Otter sled used as a boat.  We walked into the woods where Larry said this is where he stopped and am not sure which direction the deer headed.  Jake said do you mean that one lying dead about 10 feet behind you?  Apparently Larry's tracking skills need work.  It was a 7 Point Buck.  We used the Otter sled to get us and the deer across the ditch.  Not sure why when Larry went across the water was only about 1/2" from coming into the sled.
On Friday night Ben was in his stand in from the old cabin across from Pauls.  Again details are short at this point.  Anyway he heard a deer coming and ended up shooting a nice 9 Point Buck.  It ran a fair ways but Jake was able to help him track it.  Larry, Jake, and Ben pulled the deer out of the woods in the dark getting a little turned around a couple times.  I believe that was all the deer seen this season.

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