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On Friday 10/7 I was walking to my stand at 4:30pm, I turned the corner and stopped in my tracks as a big 8pt I have been watching on camera was staring me down. After a minute he bolted off.  The next Friday I got out of work at a decent time and was planning on seeking revenge. The wind was blowing at around 25mph so I didn't have the highest expectations. After an hour on stand a doe and 2 fawns came by and walked within 5 feet of my tree. I then watched some turkeys and another doe go by. The next 1.5 hours all I saw was mass amounts of pine needles and leaves blowing off of the trees at times looking like a blizzard. At 6:30 out of nowhere I caught movement ahead and noticed 2 large bodied deer coming towards me. I pulled up my binoculars and immediately realized a shooter was headed my way with the 8pt I saw the week prior just behind him. They were up wind of me so I knew I was golden. Not wanting to risk getting busted by this mature buck I didn't even stand. I drew back sitting down and smoked him at only 15 yards. He buckled and his front end went down and the next thing I knew he was gone. Feeling confident with the hit I got down and found my arrow soaked with blood. I exited quietly and waited an hour for my cousin Sheila and her 10 year old son Brody to arrive.  At first there was just small drops of blood but 40 yards later there were puddles everywhere. The shot couldn't have been any better yet this brute jumped a fence and still made it 150 yards before expiring under a cedar tree. It was Brody's first time tracking a deer and he had a blast!  This big boy is my biggest buck to date and weighed in at just over 225 pounds!

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