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With a pregnant wife at home I knew I only had very limited time to fill the freezer. I got out of my recertification class later than I wanted and rushed home. When I arrived at the farm I knew I was too late to hunt my usual stand as I would likely bump any deer in the area and I had been seeing a nice 8 on camera. I decided to take a shot in the dark and head across the cut corn into the big pines. After 1.5 hours on stand I saw him out in the field about 150 yards away. I stood up and was moving around a bunch ranging him and looking in the binoculars not even thinking what else may be around me. All of a sudden a doe snorted right beneath me and she and her fawns took off back into the woods. Instant dread overcame me as I knew my hunt was over. For some reason those deer caught his attention and instead of running away, he became curious and slowly made his way towards me. At about 65 yards he exited the field and headed into the other stand of pines. A few minutes later he came out and stood at the edge of the field. He stood like a statue looking into the woods by me for a good 5-10 minutes. I ranged him at 46 yards. As he started to turn I drew back.  He took another step away from me and stopped facing directly away. After contemplating the Texas heart shot, I decided to wait. Just when I was going to let back down he took a quarter of a step and looked back towards me. I knew I had to shoot way back for the arrow to exit through the vitals. Feeling confident in my shooting, I took the shot with him facing almost directly away from me and I hit my mark. After retrieving him 80 yards later I had to chuckle as I saw the 1 in a million shot. I grazed the back leg, entered the vitals and the broad head was lodged right in his wind pipe causing a quick, humane harvest. It was my shortest season and longest shot but what makes this deer the most memorable is that my son, Owen, decided to come 7 weeks early and was born the day my parents came down to make venison sausage. It was great that my parents were here and that Owen gets to share a birthday with my Mom. Hopefully this means he will become a hunter!

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