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2014 Hunting Log





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Jeff:  Did not see anything
Larry: Did not see anything
Mike:  Did not see anything
Tom: Shot at 5 Point Buck
Cory: Saw same 5 Point Buck
Mitch:  Saw a doe
8 Point Buck
Matt: Did not see anything
Jake: Saw a deer run into swamp

First Weekend:  This is the first year with the new cabin and party shack.  Opening weekend participants were Tom, Jake, Jeff, Larry, Ben, Cory, Matt, Mike, and Mitch.  We came up early Friday morning and started cleaning up the buildings of construction debris, finish wiring the cabin and shack, putting everything in its place, and putting up stands.  Saturday morning was a little windy but everyone was in their stands by first light.  Tom saw a deer about 100 yards away that looked like a buck (but wasn't sure :) and took a shot.  He looked for blood but came to the conclusion that he missed.  A little later Cory was sitting in his stand and turned and saw what we assume was the same buck walking towards him.  The deer was looking at Cory so he could not pull up his gun to take a shot.  Finally the deer bolted off.  About a half our later Ben  heard something walking down the same path he walked in on.  Ben used a scent drag on the way in.  What should appear with his nose to the ground but a nice 8 Point Buck.  Ben pulled up and took the shot.  He thought the deer buckled and went down.  Ben waiting about 20 minutes and got out of his stand to look for the deer.  He went over to the place where he last saw it and found no deer and no blood.  He looked around for about 15 minutes and finally found it about 30 yards away.  This is Bens first deer.  We heard very few shots all weekend.  After opening morning not much was seen by anyone.  Mitch saw a small yearling/doe Sunday morning and Jake saw a deer from his new stand.  He was looking the other direction and when he turned around he saw it run into the swamp.  He said is was nice sized and thinks it was a buck.  Sunday night Larry, Ben, Mike, and Mitch headed home.  The rest stayed till Monday morning.

Second Weekend:  2nd weekend participants were Jake, Jeff, Carson, Larry, Ben, Sam, Mike, and Mitch.  If we were to pick a theme song for the weekend it would be Simon and Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence".  I don't think I have ever heard so few shots in 5 days of hunting.  We came up late Thursday night to camp.  Everyone got up for the morning hunt.  Ben thought he heard one walking behind him but that was about it.  After breakfast Larry decided to walk down the WMA servcie road that leads west from camp.  As he was walking a doe popped out on the road.  If this were 2013, we would have had more venison in the freezer.  Unfortunately it is bucks only.  The only other deer spotted was when Newby was walking to his stand and he heard something in the drainage ditch.  His first thought was that a beaver was coming through the ice but it was a little fawn trying to get away but was slipping all over the ice.  That was about it.  Pretty much a weekend of movies and cards.  Sunday after the morning hunt we cleaned up the cabin and headed to Wilbert's for breakfast.  All in all it was still a fun time.

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