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2013 Hunting Log





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Jeff:  Did not see anything
Larry: Did not see anything
Mike:  Did not see anything
Tom: Did not see anything
Mitch:  Saw a wolf
Did not see anything
Did not see anything
Did not see anything

Notes: This would be the 2nd year in a row that part of the tree that is in front of the shack lost a large limb that crashed through the roof supports of the shack.  Again it was not a difficult repair.  JJ decided that this tree must come down.  It was JJ, Tom, and Jake (and our neighbor Chuck supervising).  JJ notched and cut the tree and in his mind had envisioned where it would safely land between the path to the outouse and Stinky (camper).  The tree had other ideas.  It started to twist and ended up falling right on top of Stinky.  It was a big tree but suprisingly the camper held up pretty well.  Crushed the corner and broke out some windows.  They patched it up as best they could.  When we came up for hunting, Larry and Newby did some more tarping and covering with plastic on the inside.  On the first night as the camper heated up, it melted a lot of the snow on the roof.  Larry woke up to a huge bubble of water hanging right over him.  Fortunately we used strong enough plastic that it didn't burst causing a wet dream large enough to eclipse the one Newby had.  The rest of the season the patchwork we put in place held up pretty well however the carpet inside was pretty soggy and musty.  It was decided that this would be the last season for the campers.  We spoke to our neighbor down the road, Paul, who was interested in taking all 3 of them to use for who knows what.  I think one was to be turned into a chicken coop.  He agreed to have them off the property by next spring before we would begin the building of a new cabin.

As far as deer hunting go, nobody really saw anything worth mentioning.  Opening morning Mitch saw a wolf cross the large swamp he was watching over.  There were sightings of other hunters so he decided not to shoot at it.  This was probably the quietest year in recent memory in regards to shots heard out in the woods.  Word around town was that no one was having any luck this year.

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