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2012 Hunting Log





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Jeff: Nothing
Larry: Shot at buck by swamp and missed.
Mike: Nothing
Tom:  Nothing
Mitch: 8 Point Buck
Shot at doe
Shot a Doe
Did not see anything
Did not see anything
Did not see anything

Notes: We got a call that a big limb of the tree in front of the shack fell and broke through the pipes (roof supports) of the shack.  We went up early and did some repairs.  Fortunately we had extra pipes and were able to quickly repair it.

Cory shot a baby fawn.  It looked like it just finished chewing threw its’ own umbilical cord.  The first sound to its’ baby ears was the fatal gunshot. It was Cory’s first deer and he has just posted on Facebook that he wanted to sell his hunting clothes and gun because he had not seen a deer since he started hunting three years earlier.  After lunch he decided to leave camp for the first time ever and made the discovery of deer only ¼ mile away.   JJ gutted it for him and Matt drug it ¼ mile back to camp at a brisk walk.  JJ and Cory had a hard time keeping up.  After some discussion we decided to hang it on the deer pole even though a Shepherd’s planter hook would have been suffice.

Larry shot at a buck by the swamp but somehow managed to miss.  After an exhaustive search he decided to do a loop and see if he could push something to Ben.  As he closed in on Ben he heard him shoot.  Ben hit a doe but we could not find it.  We found that he clipped a small tree 10' in front of where the deer was so it was not a clean shot.  We looked for a long time with no luck.

Mitch was hunting in his new usual place behind Chuck's property.  He saw a buck coming from about 300 yards out.  When it got to about 125 yards it turned broadside and Mitch took the shot.  He hit it in the top of the head blowing one of it's antlers off.  A nice buck!

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