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2011 Hunting Log





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Tom: Doe
Jake: Glimpse of one, shot at another
Mitch: 9 Point Buck
Newby: Saw small doe and fawn
Jeff: Saw nothing
Larry: 5 Point Buck (Missed Doe)
Ben: Saw nothing
Cory: Saw nothing
Matt: Saw nothing
Sam: Saw a few from the car
Steve: Saw nothing
Elizabeth: Saw nothing

Notes: Back in the saddle again - Steve joins the hunting group for the first time since 1995. Unfortunately he did not see anything but hopefully had a good time. Elizabeth also made her first appearance. She sat with dad 2nd weekend along with Sam who hunted for the first time. I guess this year we were getting a little high tech, we watched a number of movies on the big screen (projector provided by Jeff). We had numerous Smear and Cribbage games, some that lasted late into the evening. Newby was albe to don the helmet for a while when he bid 2 during a Smear game and led off with his Jack. Larry accidentally did the same thing 2nd weekend but avoided the helmet as he made his points. Cory takes on an alter-ego: Mike Honcho.

Sat. November 5th - Larry and Newby hunt again at the gravel pit. Larry picked a new spot not too far down the trail. About 8:15 a small doe walked down the trail. He thought about passing it up but decided that he may not get another chance. He squeezed off a round and thought he made a good shot and prematurely sent out a text message "Doe down". After about 20 minutes he went to look and as he approached the area where the deer was he saw one trot off into the woods. After looking around for 45 minutes he determined that he somehow missed. Tom had a little better luck in the afternoon. Sitting in his usual stand a huge doe comes out of the woods behind him and bolts right past his stand but he was not able to get a shot off. Later in the afternoon he could hear deer in the willow swamp and finally a nice doe made an appearance. Tom did not waste this opportunity and made the shot. Jake gets out of stand after receiving a text from Tom. He hears a big deer take off. That was pretty much all the action for opening day.

Sun. November 6th - Larry woke up about 4 AM not feeling well. Ended up getting violently sick outside the camper. After laying in the wet grass for 20 minutes he finally heads back to bed and woke up for the morning hunt. He thought he was feeling better but the car ride to the pit proved to be a bit challenging. After sitting in his stand for about 1/2 hour he starts to feel very sick again. With no time to get out of his stand he gets sick over the side. Again and again. 90 seconds later he hears some crunching and a 5 point buck appears. He shoots and hits the deer but it walks off. After a while Larry looks and cannot find the deer or any blood. He circles wider and wider and is about to text that he can't believe he missed again but notices a drop of blood. Walks a bit further and sees more and then hears the deer. He finishes it off. Somehow he musters field dressing the deer but is unable to help Newby pull the deer out. Thank God they had Jeff's ATV and were somehow able to get it back there and drag the deer out. While this is going on Mitch is in his new spot behind Chucks property. He was able to do this because of how dry it was this year. Mitch hears something and what should appear but a beautiful 9 point buck. Mitch takes him with one shot. Jeff and Jake help him retrieve the buck. Larry spends the rest of the day in bed. Nobody sees anything the rest of the day. Larry, Newby, and Mitch head home that evening.

Mon. November 7th - Nobody sees anything. Not sure who all even went out into the woods. Steve takes Tom and Larry's deer to Browerville for processing (Mitch took his home to bring to their usual processing place).

Thurs. November 10th - Jake and Cory come up the night before. During the morning hunt Jake sees a deer and takes a shot but similar to Larry on opening morning he comes up empty. Jeff comes up early in the afternoon but the day produces zero results.

Fri. November 11th - Group now looks like this. Cory, Jake, Jeff, Newby, Mitch, Ben, Larry, Sam, and Elizabeth. Everyone hunts but the woods are silent. Not much shooting going on anywhere other than the powerline.

Sat. November 12th - Mike, Larry, Elizabeth, and Sam try new spot. Jake takes over his Dad's stand. No luck. Larry, Mike, and Sam see a nearly black deer on the road driving to hunting spot early morning. Pretty sure it was a buck. They see 3 does and a fawn on the way back as they decided to take some different back roads on the way home. Of course they were all on private property. Mike, Larry, Mitch, and Jeff try to do a couple pushes to Ben to see if they can help him get hsi first deer but no luck.

Sun. November 14th - Larry, Mike, Sam, and Ben do the morning hunt. See absolutley nothing. After breakfast at Wilbert's we all say good bye and head home. A good time was had by all.

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