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2010 Hunting Log





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Tom: 6 point buck
Jake: 3 point buck; Doe
Mitch: Saw a few, either too far or doe w/fawn
Newby: Saw injured buck that Jake shot, that was it
Jeff: Saw nick buck last morning
Larry: Saw injured buck that Jake shot, that was it
Ben: Saw nothing
Cory: Saw nothing
Matt: Saw nothing
Sam: Sat with dad 2nd weekend, saw absolutely nothing

NOTES: Tom finally gets his first deer in Cotton. A six point buck. Don't tell the DNR because he has tagged a deer each of the past 14 years. He thinks that a Hunting book deal is in the works because of his great success. His new nickname "Tag" seems appropriate. Jake made his first appearance in the doe race and has almost overcome Jeff in the points race with a 3 point buck. Not many deer were seen. Jeff sat 63 hours in his stand before he saw his first deer. Special K (Cory) has a new gun (30.06). Matt aka "Blue" came along for his first year of hunting. Sam showed up second weekend to see what hunting is all about. The shack was enlarged to 17X20 and a third camper was purchased. "Dinky" is now home to "Button" and "Spalding". "Special K" and "Blue" now bunk with "Last Minute Larry" and "Newby". We have a hockey helmet that you need to wear when you say something stupid, we found out very quickly that the helmet knows no boundaries however Cory seemed to be donning it the most.

Sat. November 6th - Pretty quiet on the western front (eastern front in our case). Mike, Larry, and Jake were on their way back to camp from the opening hunt when they saw a deer jump on the road about ¾ mile up ahead. It walked down the road and took a left at the intersection. When they pulled up to the corner it was still on the road walking with a noticeable hitch in it's gitty-up. They decide that it is pretty hurt and decide to harvest it. Mike and Larry let Jake do the honors, a 3 point buck. It's the last deer Larry and Mike see for the next 5 days of hunting.

Sun. November 7th - Tom catches a glimpse of a deer from his stand. He quickly puts down his coffee and cigarette and picks up his gun and 'Tags' it. A six point buck.

Sun. November 14th - After numerous hints from Jake to Chuck Young (our neighbor) that he would like to use his enclosed and heated stand, Chuck finally agrees. Jake is looking over a small 10 acre field in front of him with swamp everywhere else. He decides to shoot at a doe way out in the swamp. He and the doe pay for it. After a 4 mile tracking to the highway and back Jake finally is able to finish off the doe only 75 yards off the field from the stand he took the first shot from. Made the work for the rest of us pretty easy. It was a nice doe. Jeff did get a glimpse of a NICE buck at first light but could not get off a good shot, he tried to grunt it back but no luck.

Everything between the events listed above was filled in with a lot of solitude and squirrel and grouse watching. Mitch did see some deer but were either too far out or it was a doe with a fawn which he decided not to take.

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