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2009 Hunting Log





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Tom: Did not see anything.
Jake 10 point buck
Mitch: Button Buck. First deer. Saw 3 deer the night before near camp.
Newby: 2 point Buck
Jeff: 2 Does/ Shot at Mitch's button buck
Collin: Saw a flag and took a quick shot.
Larry: No shots fired. Saw a flag
Ben: Shot at Jeff's Does
Cory: Did not see anything.

Notes: Cory's first year hunting and quickly received the nickname Karl for his "simpleton ways". He was made to wear a hockey helmet that was handed down from Newby. While at El Toro we learned that the twins are known as the Miller twins in Cotton. Breakfast at Wilbert's will never taste the same. We watched movies for the first time in the shack. Collin and Ben both are using 30/30's. Mitch makes an appearance on the board with his first deer. We cut about 2 cords of wood in October. It rained a lot but Jeff was dry because his stand has a roof. Jeff gets 2 does from the comforts of his new stand.

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