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After working my butt off for 2 years without seeing a bear I decided I would try one more time before giving up bear hunting for good. Knowing it might be my last time bear hunting I decided to go with my bow as I wanted to increase the excitement. Having never seeing a bear in the wild I listened closely to all of my friends stories and all of them talked about how you never hear them coming and they just appear out of nowhere. Driving out to my stand I noticed a four wheeler parked less than 100 yards from my parking spot with an empty bow case on the rack. Half expecting to see someone in my stand I slowly made my way through the woods relived when no one was in my spot. After only an hour on stand I heard loud crunching slowly moving through the woods from the direction of the other hunter. Knowing that bears come in silently I was immediately upset as I was certain the other hunter was tracking a bear. I was shocked when a bear appeared at my bait. Never seeing a bear before, my adrenaline was pumping and I was shaking like a leaf. I'm still not certain how, but I was able to make the 25 yard shot with a double lung hit. He quickly expired after only 40 yards. My buddy Bryan also filled his tag opening night calling for quite a celebration at the local town festival to follow.

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