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2007 Hunting Log





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Tom: Took a quick shot at a doe but missed.
Jake: 7 point buck.
Newby: Doe.
Mitch: Did not see anything.
Jeff: 8 point buck and 10 point buck. Also took some long shots at some does.
Larry: spike buck
Ben: Did not see anything.

Notes: It is our first year with the generator. Jeff has a new gun. (.270). While looking for a place to build some stands Jake finds Jeff's deer that he had shot two days earlier. We added the easy bake oven to the shack. Newby walked into the shack door frame and almost knocks himself out. As a group we decided to make him wear a helmet rather than enlarge the door frame. While cleaning up outside camp Jeff discovered a love letter made out to "Babe" wishing him a great time hunting and explaining how much he would be missed and loved. Jeff quickly determined that it must belong to Jake because Larry, Tom and Newby would not be missed by their wives. The note was nicely displayed in the shack for Jake to see when he returned and his girlfriend was often complimented on her handwriting skills.  Chuck shoots two deer that would have walked right under Tom's stand. Jake hunts at the gravel pit. We learned that our Cousin Dave Rischmiller was killed in a car accident while hunting near Wadena. After Thanksgiving Jake, Jeff and Cory build two new stands for Tom and Jeff who often remind us when it is raining how nice it is to have a roof.

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