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2004 Hunting Log





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Tom: Did not see anything.
Jake: Did not see anything.
Newby: Did not see anything.
Big Mike: Did not see anything.
Jeff: Shoots a 2 point buck and a doe. Later he sees 3 more does playing near his stand for 45 minutes but doesn't shoot because it is early in the season.
Larry: Shoots a 8 point buck and a 2 point buck.

Notes: We were forced to move across the road because Potlatch leased out campsite and completely ignores our rights as squatters. We get a new shack from Big Mike and heat it with propane. It would be our last year hunting in Huntersville. The conditions were so slick that Newby was not able to crawl over an ant hill with his new Chevy Avalanche pick up. Big Mike quickly showed him what a real pick up could do. Jeff's huge ladder stand was tipped over. Someone puts up a stand near him and shoots a doe just before Jeff shoots his doe and spike buck and sees 3 others. No more Scotty (Camper).  Newby shoots at an 8 point but misses.  It comes by Larry who shoots it but it runs off.  Larry and Newby track for about a mile past 2 different hunters who said they never saw it even though blood trail went right by their stands.

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