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2001 Hunting Log





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Tom: Did not see anything.
Jake: Did not see anything.
Newby: Did not see anything.
Jeff: 9 Point buck.
Larry: 10 point Buck.
Papa: Did not see anything.
Shooter: Did not see anything.

Notes: Jeff finally gets his first deer. (In a shade under a decade, I might add). Bitter J.J. is put to rest. It was Shooters last year hunting with us and all of our smart ass remarks are now focused on Newby. It was Newby's first year hunting with us and he slept in the shack. Newby is given his nickname because we couldn't remember his real name. He wet his cot but it was okay because he was in a new place. We were able to watch the World Series at the Huntersville bar because of the 9/11 attacks on NYC. Jake and Jeff build an extremely heavy outhouse out of Jeff's old deck.  Larry shoots another 10 point buck in no-man's land.

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