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2000 Hunting Log





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Tom: 8 point Buck.
Jake: 5 point buck.
Jeff: Unloads gun twice and comes away empty handed.
Larry: 10 point Buck and a doe
Papa: Did not see anything.
Shooter: Did not see anything.
Dennis: Does not hunt but often scares us by taking naps in the woods.

Notes: Joe Cox was steeling stands and parking spaces. Uncle Dennis sleeps in his truck and then goes to Rudy's campsite. Larry shoots a doe from the road (legally) Bitter J.J. is born after spending an entire day in his stand without seeing a deer. Next day Jeff moves to his other stand and sees 6 does. He misses all of them. He come back to camp and makes a large sign for Larry to come help look for blood.  No blood. The tradition of "looking at Bucky" is established (by Tom). We go to Rudy's camp and learn about baiting deer with pumpkins and its' legal ramifications.  Larry shoots a nice 10 point buck.  He teases Jake and asks him if he wants to practice gutting a doe.  Jakes agrees to.  Jake is suprised when he sees the buck.  Larry has Jake gut the deer as he walks back to camp to get 4 wheeler but says to stay alert because there was another deer with this buck.  When Larry gets back he finds Jake all excited as he shot a couple times at a buck.  They track it and finish it off.  A nice 5 pointer.  Jakes first (of many) deer.

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