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1996 Hunting Log





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Jeff: Misses a doe directly behind his stand. This is the first of many misses.
Larry: Did not see anything.
Papa: Did not see anything.
Shooter: Sees a buck but gun is not loaded.

Notes: Shooters first year hunting. Shooter gets to his ladder stand near camp only to realize that he forgot his shells. He high tails it back to camp only to find out that he had them in his other pocket.  He quickly returns to his stand. Still huffing and puffing he loads his gun.  Just then he hears loud crunching and thinks it is a hunter but what appears, a 6 point buck.  As he is about to take aim he realizes he never pumped a shell into the chamber.  He tries to quietly pump one in but the deer takes off before he can get a shot off. He is given the nickname shooter when Larry mocks him with a dead-on Barney Fife imitation. This is the last year that Razor hunts near Huntersville. This was a poem written on the shack wall: On a cold winter night, when the moon was bright, I did Susie on the table to the right. Susie jokes are often told from this moment on.

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